The Clinch Coalition


                          The Clinch Coalition has an opening for a part time staff member.

                                 See Announcements for details

                          Virtual Board Meeting Tuesday, July 14

                              Virtual High Knob Naturalist Rally Plans in Progress

                                  Art/Essay Contest entries due Friday, Oct. 2

                                  Hellbender 10K Run, Saturday, October 3

                                  Earth Day Film Showing: Saturday, October 24
















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What Makes High Knob Special?

Series in the Coalfield Progress

by Wayne Browning and Wally Smith

Part 1 September   7, 2018

Part 2 September 11, 2018

Part 3 September 18, 2018

Part 4 September 21, 2018

Part 5 September 25, 2018

Part 6 September 28, 2018


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Art/Essay Contest is still on, but now entries are Due Friday, Oct. 2, 2020                                           Awards will be announced on October 24 at Earth Day Event.             

 The Clinch Coalition

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