​Earth Awareness Contest

12th Annual Art & Essay Contest

Presented by The Clinch Coalition

‘What is Your Ecological Footprint?’

Entries Due November 6

Winners announced prior to Thanksgiving

Group 1: K-2nd Grades                            Group 3: 6th-8th Grades

Group 2: 3rd-5th Grades                         Group 4: 9th-12th Grades

Prizes:        $50 first place for each age group in each category

                   $25 for qualifying Runner Ups

Certificate of Participation for Winners & Honorable Mentions

Contest formats: Essays

Group 1 (K-2nd) Maximum length 1page

Group 2 (3rd-5th) Maximum length 500

Group 3 (6th-8th) Maximum length 500

Group 4 (9th-12th) Maximum length 750

*Essays may be handwritten (must be legible) or typed.

Art Entries will be judged in the 4 age groups listed above

Entries limited to 12”x12”x12” size

Art medium is the choice of the individual student

*All essays and art should focus on and convey this year’s theme: What is Your Ecological Footprint?

*All works should be completed solely by the student.

Submission Information: All entries must include:

Student’s name

Student’s grade (age if homeschooled)

Teacher’s name (Parent’s name if homeschooled)

School’s name (Homeschool group if applicable)

This information should be included on the essay page and for the art work in the body of the message with each submitted individually.

UPDATE:  Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, submissions can be made electronically, including taking photos of the art work and several photos if the art work is three dimensional.  We can also arrange to pick up the entries.













The Clinch Coalition’s 12th Annual Art & Essay Contest

What is Your Ecological Footprint?

Teacher Resource and Information



Everyone makes footprints when they walk in the sand or the mud; those footprints are easy to see.  But an ecological footprint isn't as visible.  Ecological footprints occur with certain activities and decisions that we make in our daily lives.  These decisions leave a “footprint” on the earth just like you can leave a footprint in the sand.  Your ecological footprint takes into account how much land, water and resources it takes to provide everything people use. Simply put, footprint calculations answer the questions: how much nature do we have and how much do we use? With a better understanding of how we utilize resources and the impact that we cause, we can find ways to create a smaller footprint and improve life on the planet for everyone!  So tell us, what is YOUR footprint on the earth and what can you do to make it smaller?   The health of our Earth is very important. What can we do to maintain and improve our environment?

Ecological Footprint Lesson Plans Below

Listed below are links to websites that provide free ecological lesson plans.


K-5th Lesson Plans


Government of Canada Fisheries and Oceans - Lesson Plan - Ecological footprint - How does the way we live affect the Earth?



5th-8th Lesson Plans


Sierra Club - Map Your Eco-footprint



Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation - Ecological Footprint



California Academy of Sciences - Your Hidden Water Footprint: Defining a Problem to Find a Solution



9th-12th Lesson Plans

Better Lesson - What’s Your Ecological Footprint?



Adaptable for 6th-12th


Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network - Ecological Footprint



Connecticut Energy Education - Energy Efficiency and Climate Change - Ecological Footprint



NOAA Science & Information for a Climate-Smart Nation - Carbon Calculator Activity




Other Resources and Tools


Teacher.org - Lesson Plans (K-12th)



Teach For America - Lesson Plans for Teaching Sustainability (K-12th)



EPA - Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides and Online Environmental Resources for Educators



edLightenSC Energy-focused education (link for 9th-12th, but also resources for K-12th)



Global Footprint Network - Ecological Footprint?



Climate Generation - Zero Footprint Youth Calculator



Teach the Earth - The Portal for Earth Education - Teaching Climate Change: Lessons for the Past










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